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I am an accountant by day, an avid reader and writer by night, and a traveler when my finances and I are on the same page.


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Their products and customer service are top notch

When it comes to mattresses, it is a little bit hard to convince people that it is a worthy investment. However, if you have an old and worn out mattress you need a replacement. If you also have a mattress that makes your back ache and you wake up all tired, this is your cue to get a replacement. Personally, I played around with the idea of replacing mine for almost one year. After waking up all spent with a backache for two years, I decided that my sleep, as well as well-being, were very important. So, I checked into Dr. Mattress' Sameer Business Park branch to get a replacement. It was not easy though. If you have seen or been to any of their showrooms you will agree with me that their products look amazing! I have envied anyone who could afford to buy one because of money! If you are not financially stable or planning to spend much on a mattress, the prices will throw you off a bit. After years of envy and wishing I could afford one, I decided to start saving for one. I visited Dr. Mattress at Sameer Business Park a couple of times, like 2-3 times. First, I went to check out their varieties- they have quite a selection. I then went back to seek some clarifications a few months down the line- I was also saving for one. Then I finally made the purchase and I have never regretted it! They have both foam and spring mattresses with a number of variations for different types. I went for the Alpha plus – most economical, fully orthopaedic Bonnel coil spring mattress. I have been sleeping like a baby for months now. When my mum came visiting she finally realized why I want her to get a new mattress. What did I love about them? Well, their service was top notch, and their staff was very friendly and patient with all the questions. They also offer free delivery within Nairobi for any purchases above 20,000 shillings. What I loved most is that the mattress came with a 10-year warranty! Imagine that! Their showroom is well kept and very inviting. If you are along Mombasa Road, I recommend Dr. Mattress- Sameer Business Park branch. They will help you start sleeping like a baby!

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Enid Kathambi 7 Reviews
My stay was better than expected.

One of the greatest concerns when traveling either on business or vacation is accommodation- at least for me. A few weeks ago, I traveled to Eldoret, for the first time, and I battled a little bit with options for my accommodation. I finally settled for Hotel Baron- Eldoret. First, I was looking for a hotel that was close to the office to avoid a lot of hustles. Secondly, I needed a place that was comfortable, neat, and not in a noisy environment. This might sound ironical, the last bit actually, considering the fact that Hotel Baron is located right next to a bus/ matatu terminal. My stay at Hotel Baron was pleasant. One of the reasons why I loved the place is because they offer you what you see on their website. I booked my room based on what I saw, and that’s what I mostly got. The room I paid for was very comfortable. Eldoret was colder than I expected. A cold shower was not an option, thank the heavens for the hot shower. When I read from their website that they have an electric bed warmer I wondered why I would need one. That question was answered the minute I landed. It’s a good thing that they have the electric bed warmers. The noise from the bus stop was very minimal from my room. I am not sure if it’s the same from the other rooms on all their floors. I, however, had concerns about two issues. The first being their breakfast. I need to add that I stayed there for two nights. On the first day they served some sweet potatoes, arrow roots, vegetable, cereals and beans (I think it was beans). The milk provided for the cereals threw me off mostly because it seemed to have been diluted with a lot of water. The vegetables, too, did not taste fresh. They served coffee- black and white- and tea. I love coffee in the morning but it is disappointing when a big hotel hands you a cup of hot water and a sachet of coffee. Why can't they invest in a coffee maker? The other concern were the chippings on their walls in my room. I actually noticed them after I had already paid for the room. For such a nice room, putting a little bit of more effort into the finishing would be good. Other than that, Hotel Baron- Eldoret is a nice place to stay. Their staff was also very friendly and helpful.

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Enid Kathambi 7 Reviews
The service and care for my dreadlocks here is always awesome

Six years down the line and I have nothing but love for Meru Dreadlocks Centre. This is where I started my dreadlocks journey. Meru Dreadlocks Center is the hub of dreadlocks in Meru County. They are located along Moi Avenue, at Jeniko Mall in Meru Town, on the first floor. When I first started out, I almost gave up three months down the line. I have that soft textured hair that is curly and grows really fast. So, you can imagine how my head looked like every two weeks or so after my hair appointment. But I had made up my mind- having my hair tagged at every week when blow-drying was not cutting it. It was also worse because the length of my hair was the same size as the medium size braids- or a little longer. My hairdresser Eric, however, had so much hope in me that he still cannot believe it has gotten this long! I do not believe it myself either. Sometimes I would travel to Meru on a monthly basis to fix it- and visit my mother, too. Sometimes I braided it. Six months down the line my hair had locked and was starting to take shape. I tried a few hairdressers in Nairobi during this time and it was one of the worst decisions. Meru Dreadlocks Center is the place to be if you want hairdressers that care about your hair, dreadlocks that is. Eric, the owner of this salon, together with his team, are very friendly, accommodating, and very understanding. You can get whatever styling you want for your dreadlocks. Apart from helping you take care of your hair, they also do piercings, if you're into that stuff. You can also get a manicure or a pedicure while having your hair fixed. All under one roof. If you live in Meru or its environments and you want to switch to dreadlocks, or you want a new hairdresser for your dreadlocks, I highly recommend Meru Dreadlocks Centre.

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Enid Kathambi 7 Reviews
I loved every day that I spent at Adden Palace

I loved everything at Adden Palace Hotel. From their service, to their rooms, cleanliness and mostly, proximity to the airport. First, I did my booking online through their website. When I go there, all I had to do is show my identification documents and I was show to my room. Their service is really good, one of their guys even helped me carry my luggage to the room- it was just a backpack with my laptop and some clothes. When booking, I had requested for a room with a nice view. They gave me one on the top floor with a view of Lake Victoria. I don't think I can emphasize enough on their cleanliness, their beautiful rooms and shower, and the serenity of their environment. They have a swimming pool, a nice and really comfortable relaxing area with swings and hammocks. They offer buffet for breakfast. Their food, too, is delicious. I also loved that they are really affordable. If you are looking for a place to stay at when in Mwanza, whether on business or vacation, then I would highly recommend Adden Palace Hotel. I will definitely be staying again when I visit Mwanza.

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Enid Kathambi 7 Reviews
One of the best places to shop for books in Nairobi!

I have bought quite a collection from Bookstop. Actually, some of my best collections were bought there. From the Oscar Wilde collection to Kazuo Ishiguro's award-winning book, The remains of The Day. There was a time back in 2015 when they were selling a collection of secondhand book. I was working around there and I scored quite a number of literary collections. Case in point, That Oscar Wilde's collection and Jhumpa Lahiri's Interpreter of Maladies collection, was bought there. I was there towards the end of 2018, but I do not remember seeing the secondhand collection. One thing I love about Bookstop is their wide collection of books! Their space floor cannot be compared to Prestige Bookshop too. Theirs is big and spaced. Unfortunately, I hate the fact that accessibility to Yaya Center for people not living along Ngong road or the environs of Kilimani and Hurlingham is not friendly. If I was to buy a book I will probably get to town and head straight to Prestige rather than board a bus to Yaya Centre. Also, they do not have a delivery system (last I asked towards the end of 2018). In case you buy through their website, you will have to arrange for your own delivery. Again, another reason for me to buy from other bookshops with a delivery system. I also feel that their prices are a little bit high compared to their competitors. The Sapiens book, for example, I bought from them at Kes 1,500 back in Nov/Dec 2018. Within that period, I visited some of their competitors and the same copy was going for around 1,400. to 1,450. Apart from the prices, some of their competitors have incentives that keep you going back. One has a book club where they well the book of the month at a discount while another one offers you bookmarks for every copy you buy! However, if ever you find yourself around Yaya Centre and need a book, pop by Bookstop. They have quite a collection for every genre.

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